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When You’re Faced with a Dental Emergency in Chicago

No one enjoys thinking about how they would react in a medical emergency.
Our minds are already filled with so much information about how to react in other emergencies that we may not take time to plan for something as unexpected as a dental emergency in Chicago.

The following information is provided to help you be best prepared to navigate the world of emergency dentistry.

Comparing a Dental Emergency to Another Traumatic Medical Emergency

Emergency dentistry services are very like urgent care centers that treat patients for major trauma or impact.

If you have a broken bone – or even suspect that you have one – chances are you’ll go to the nearest medical center for diagnostic x-rays and a treatment plan.

The same rapid response is also needed if you experience a broken tooth, but instead of visiting a medical center, you’ll visit a dentist near you in Chicago that provides emergency dental care.
The response from the professionals at both locations will be the same. They will first try to stabilize the condition, take background medical information and x-rays, and then treat the area that was traumatized and provide follow-up instructions.

You may know which urgent care center you’ll go to when a traumatic medical event like a broken bone happens, but do you also have a dentist in Wicker Park already identified for unplanned dental traumas?

If not, we invite you to add Urban Smiles Dental to your contact list so you’ll have contact information for an emergency dentist 24/7 when you need it.

Other Types of Dental Emergencies

It’s human nature for every individual to react to an emergency in their own way.
That means identifying what constitutes a true dental emergency versus something that can wait for a routine appointment can often be individualized, as well.

There are some scenarios, such as teeth that have been knocked out or injuries due to sports, that will be evident as to their emergency status.

But others, such as cracks in a tooth, a lingering toothache, tooth sensitivity, and bleeding gums, can often wait for a scheduled dental appointment.

That being said, Urban Smiles Dental understands that each patient is unique. When you contact our office to discuss your dental concern, we will treat your individual concern with the respect it deserves. That includes providing information over the phone to help you stabilize a situation that can wait to be treated until we can see you during normal office hours.

Consider a Dentist Who Keeps Extended Hours and Saturday Appointments in Chicago

One of the things that patients like best about our office is that we offer extended hours as a routine part of our patient care schedule.

We’re open until 8:00 in the evenings three nights a week, as well as 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, and we’ve found that these hours have been very convenient for parents who have children that are active in sports since they coincide with practice and game times.

But please remember, it doesn’t matter what time of day or day of the week that you or a family member are experiencing a suspected, dental emergency – Urban Smiles Dental can provide immediate dental care when needed.

One More Reason to Consider a Leading Chicago Dentist for a Dental Emergency

We mentioned earlier how important it is to have an emergency dentist identified as your provider of choice should an unfortunate event ever cause you to need one.
Another factor to take into consideration when identifying the practice that you’ll use is to locate one that incorporates modern treatment options and advanced technology as a part of their daily protocol.

This way, you’ll be guaranteed to receive a safer, healthier, and more effective diagnosis to your dental emergency – as well as receive treatment options that may not be available from dentists who do not have the same technology in their offices.

For example, by choosing a dentist such as Urban Smiles Dental that utilizes 3D imaging in Chicago as a standard protocol within our practice, the accuracy and detail of the images will be far superior to old-fashioned imaging.

We certainly hope that you or a family member never needs to search for an emergency dentist near you in Chicago.

But if you do, please know that Urban Smiles Dental is equipped to provide the exemplary diagnostics and exceptional dental care that you and your family deserve.

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