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What You Need to Know Before, During and After Getting Braces

Have you been wanting to straighten your teeth to improve your smile? Are you considering traditional braces versus dental aligner treatment such as Invisalign® from a Wicker Park Dental? If so, you may find the following information useful in determining which treatment method is best for you or your family member.

Before Braces

Although you may be told that your life won’t change that much once you start wearing braces, the truth is that some teeth straightening methods will affect your life more than others. For example, old fashioned metal braces will be far more noticeable than clear dental aligners. Invisalign® has a series of aligners designed especially for teens as well! So, before you decide which treatment method will be best suited for your needs and lifestyle, make sure to consider all straightening options – including Invisalign® dental aligners from Urban Smiles Dental.

During Braces

The beginning of treatment is the time when patients have the most difficulty transitioning to their new orthodontic treatment. For example, if you choose metal braces, you will be limited to the types of foods you can eat. You will also have to deal with the struggles of keeping both the braces and your teeth clean. However, because clear aligners are designed to be removed for short periods, there is never a limitation on the types of food you can enjoy. Nor is there any complication in maintaining your normal oral health practices such as brushing and flossing twice a day.

After Braces

In many instances, patients will need to transition from their metal braces to a retainer for a short period to ensure that their teeth will not shift. However, there is no added treatment period such as this once your Invisalign® treatment period has been completed – most often in less than 12 months.

Some Other Considerations

Straighter teeth will help you speak better, chew better, and feel better overall. That’s why Invisalign® dental aligners is becoming a popular treatment option for patients of all ages. Teenagers will be ensured of a perfect smile as an adult, and adults can treat their crooked teeth without having a mouth full of metal!

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