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Teeth may need to be extracted for several reasons, and this news can be a bit scary to hear from your dentist. However, Urban Smiles Dental professionals in Chicago will only recommend the extraction of teeth if it is necessary to ensure that the health of your teeth. Children may also need extractions, though it is not commonly spoken about amongst the general public.

Why Primary Teeth Need to Be Removed

Your child’s primary teeth start growing in when they’re very young and remain in the mouth until they are replaced with permanent teeth. Although baby teeth fall out on their own most of the time, there are circumstances that may require they be removed by a dentist. Baby teeth may need to be removed for several reasons, including:

  • Extensive tooth decay
  • Preparing for orthodontic treatment
  • Baby teeth do not fall out when permanent teeth are coming in
  • Teeth are damaged or chipped and cannot be repaired

Our Urban Smiles Dental dentist will not recommend removing baby teeth unless there is no other option available that is less invasive. When a tooth needs to be removed, speak with your dentist to make sure you understand the procedure and what to expect for your child.

Removing Primary Teeth

Extracting a tooth is surgical and may be done by either an oral surgeon or a general dentist. The tooth will be removed from the mouth with either a simple or complex extraction procedure. In a simple extraction, the tooth will be pulled using an elevator and forceps.

With complex extractions, the dentist will need to cut into the tissues of the gums and remove the tooth surgically. When this is done, your child will be kept as comfortable as possible with anesthesia along with nitrous oxide or laughing gas. The dentist will determine what your child needs to be comfortable during the procedure and remove the tooth safely.

Speak with a highly trained Urban Smiles Dental dentist in Chicago about the oral health of your child and options to restore teeth without needing oral surgery. However, if there is no other option for less invasive treatment, you are in great hands at our Wicker Park dental office.

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