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Dental Bridge in Chicago IL

Bridges at Urban Smiles Dental

Three dental crowns will be needed if you have a single missing tooth. Two crowns will be placed over the supporting teeth. The third crown will fill the space between them. This is known as a 3-unit dental bridge.

To replace several lost teeth, more crowns will be placed to bridge the gap. In addition, more supporting teeth will also be required to secure the restoration.

Bridgework in Chicago

Two visits to Urban Smiles Dental are usually needed to place a dental bridge. During the first appointment, your wicker Park dentist will use local anesthesia to prepare the affected teeth. Impressions will be taken at this time to be sent to a lab to make your final bridgework. Before you leave, you will receive a temporary bridge to wear in the meantime. When your final restoration is ready, it will be permanently bonded in place during your second visit.

Crowned teeth require the same daily oral care as existing natural teeth. Be sure to brush twice a day and floss daily to reduce plaque and bacteria build-up. When you have dental work, it is even more important to keep up with routine cleanings at our Chicago dental office.

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