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CBCT 3D Imaging

The technology used in medical procedures of all kinds has been rapidly improving over the past few decades. This advance had led to an increase in the quality of care that individuals in the United Stated receive when they visit healthcare clinics. One major development in technology for dentists and patients is CBCT 3D imaging.

While this equipment is highly useful, many patients remain unaware of what it is and how it works. Your Urban Smiles Dental professional in Chicago, IL, provides treatment and makes diagnoses using the latest technology to ensure that you are well taken care of in our clinic.

What Is CBCT 3D Imaging?

When you visit the dentist, you are more likely to see CBCT machines in the office as they become more commonplace. 3D dentistry involves taking 3D images of your mouth and the skull. With older x-ray technology, a 2D picture of the mouth was taken, and you were exposed to radiation during the gathering of images. 3D imaging gets the entire picture of your oral and facial structure faster and more efficiently with less radiation and discomfort.

Advantages of 3D Imaging

There are several reasons more dentists are using the latest 3D technology, including the following:

Less radiation exposure: The beam used in 3D scanning limits the amount of radiation the mouth is exposed to by focusing on the area of interest.

Short scan times: CBCT scans take less time than traditional x-rays, reducing the chance of defects and inaccuracy in images.

Accuracy & detail: Dentists can see details in the mouth properly and can treat dental and sinus issues more effectively.

Assessment of bone quality: These scans can also be used to assess how healthy your bone is and locate breaks as well as lesions. It can also help with placing dental implants.

Streamlined design: The machinery is designed to be easy for Wicker Park dental professionals to master and is designed for dentists and technicians.

You can learn more about CBCT 3D imaging at Urban Smiles Dental by calling our dental clinic and speaking with a representative who can answer any questions you may have and assist in scheduling an appointment in our office.

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