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Bone Grafting

Many people think of bone as a material that is hard and rigid, never changing its shape. However, bone changes and remodels itself constantly. Your body deposits new bone cells and removes old ones on a daily basis. When it involves the bones that support your teeth, this deposit and removal process can either be good or bad for your oral health. For example, with orthodontic treatments this is helpful because it allows teeth to be realigned. However, if you have lost a tooth this can be harmful and cause teeth to shift out of position.

What Is Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that is done in our Urban Smiles Dental office in Chicago. Our experienced Wicker Park Dentist will make an incision in the gums to expose the bone that is beneath it. Once exposed, grafting material will be placed and the area will be stimulated to deposit new bone cells.

Grafting Materials

Many different types of material can be used during bone grafts. The most common material is processed bone minerals that may come from you, someone else, or an animal. The material used has been treated to make sure it is completely sterile and safe. Synthetic substances can also be used as well.

Grafting materials are available in different forms. They can be a powder, a putty, granules, or gel that is injected through a syringe. The graft is usually covered by a collagen membrane that allows for optimum bone repair, acting as a scaffold that the body will use to build new bone.

Benefits of Bone Grafts

There are several things that bone grafting can accomplish for the treatment of your teeth.

  • Saving teeth: When there are severe dental conditions present, such as periodontal disease, they may cause bone loss or loosen teeth. To save these teeth, bone surrounding the tooth can be regenerated through bone grafting.
  • Extractions – In modern dentistry, it is common practice to deposit bone graft material into the socket after extracting teeth. This saves the area so that dental implants can be added later on with less complications.

If you need more information about bone grafting, visit Urban Smiles Dental in Chicago or give us a call.

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