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3D Guided Implants

3D guided dental implant surgery is one of the newest advancements in dental surgery. It is an innovative technology that uses information gathered with an amazingly accurate and 3D dental image. It offers doctors the opportunity to perform detail surgical planning using a virtual rendering of a patient’s face, mouth, and jaw structure. Then they can use that plan in real time by using the detailed computer guidance to make sure of the proper implant positioning and the placement. 3-d guided implants has numerous advantages to both patients and doctors. Here are three different and very important advantages of image-guided surgery for your dental implants that you should be aware of.

Accuracy and Safety Increased

3D guided dental implant surgery will offer a high level of precision in implant placement. This is in direct comparison to the traditional and usual implant surgeries. Greater precision will give several advantages to the patient. These include safer procedures because the surgeon can see the exact positioning of important structures such as bones, nerves, other tooth roots, and sinus cavities. This reduces the chance of complication. Other advantages include more predictable results from these surgeries which means higher chances of dental implant success. It also helps with aesthetic outcomes. These factors are all realized during the surgery but are especially important in complex cases. These cases could be when the bone quality or quantity is going to be an issue, or when the doctors have to work in smaller, tighter spaces.

Comfortable and Faster Procedures

Using the 3D guided surgical techniques will allow the doctors to place your dental implants with less invasive procedures than what is typically used during implant surgery. This results in smaller incisions and sometimes can mean no incisions at all! This makes your procedure far more comfortable. It also makes it quicker, because it takes a lot less time to complete.

Easier and Faster Recovery Times

The more precise and less invasive a dental implant placement surgery is, means the less time will be needed for recovery. 3d guided dental implants cuts down on the pain, on the swelling, on the bruising, and the discomfort that’s felt after surgery for the patients!

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