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How Dental Veneers Can Help You Achieve Your Dream Smile

Having severely discolored, misshapen, or chipped teeth, can damper your teeth as well as affect dental health. Although various distinct treatments can address each one of these problems, the dental veneers are the perfect solution as they can fix multiple dental problems at once. You can fix and repair one or more teeth simultaneously. Keep reading to learn more.

What are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are thin and wafer-like shells that are placed on the surface of the teeth to improve the appearance of the teeth. These tooth-colored custom-made shells are available in different types:

Porcelain veneers are commonly used as they are tooth-colored and are stain-resistant

Composite resin veneers are manufactured at the dental clinic and can be fixed on the same day. On the downside, the veneers are prone to staining and discoloration.

Before the treatment, our dentist will help you choose the ideal material based on your dental needs.

When Are Veneers Used?

The dentist can recommend dental veneers for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Discolored teeth. Veneers are used when teeth whitening is not an option or if the discoloration is severe
  • Worn-down teeth
  • Cracked and chipped teeth
  • Misaligned and irregularly shaped teeth
  • Gaps between the teeth

Veneers can fix a range of dental problems, but they are not for everyone. If you have teeth decay, inadequate enamel, and suffer from bruxism, talk to the dentist about other dental treatment options you can use.

What Does the Procedure Involve?

Getting dental veneers may require at least two or three dental visits and the process will include a few steps:

  • Dental assessment and diagnosing

This is the first step in the procedure and it involves examining your teeth using x-rays and a discussion of the treatment, procedure, and risks involved.

  • Teeth preparation

The procedure requires teeth preparation before the veneers are fixed. The dentist will reshape your teeth and trim your teeth to make room for the veneers. The thickness and the amount of enamel to be trimmed off will depend on the veneer needed and the severity of your dental problem. The dentist will numb the gums to reduce discomfort and pain. Next, a model of your dental impression will be taken to the lab (it may take two to four weeks). As you wait, the dentist will give you temporary veneers to hide the unsightly teeth and prevent sensitivity.

  • Veneer bonding

After the waiting period, the dentist will remove the temporary veneers and replace them with the permanent ones. The affected tooth will be cleaned and roughed to create a strong bond. A special cement and light will be used to fix and harden the veneers.

A follow-up dental appointment may be set to check the veneer placement and how the gums are responding.

How Long Can You Use the Veneers?

Dental veneers are semi-permanent and can last between seven and 15 years, depending on your dental care. After this, the veneers will need to be replaced.

How Can You Take Care of the Veneers?

These wafer-like shells don’t require any special instructions, but you still need to maintain proper dental hygiene. Additionally, avoid food and beverages like coffee and tea that can stain the veneers. Remember, once the veneers are discolored you can’t whiten them as you would your natural ones.

Why Would You Choose Veneers Over Other Dental Solutions?

Veneers are natural-looking, are tolerated by the gums, and are stain-resistant. You can also choose dental bonding and crowns, but veneers are better as they don’t require extensive enamel trimming as crowns do.

On the downside, the dental treatment is irreversible because once the enamel is trimmed it doesn’t grow back. Additionally, trimming the enamel will cause tooth sensitivity. Even though the veneers are stain-resistant they may still discolor.

It is therefore important to have regular dental checkups to enable the dentist to monitor your dentine and check for any abnormalities.

Take Away

Dental veneers are an ideal solution for fixing different problems. Come to our Urban Smiles Dental Clinic for an assessment and treatment from the best dentist in wicker park.

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