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Eating After A Root Canal

Eating After A Root Canal And What Foods To Avoid

When we’re done with our root canal therapy, our stomach begins to rumble sooner or later and desire to be fed, wanting to think about what to eat after root canal treatment. However, before you put anything in your mouth, there are a few things clarified by Wicker Park Dentist that you should consider.

The treatment begins with the extraction of all infected sections and dead pulp from the tooth’s interior. The core of the tooth is then cleaned, and a solid filling material is inserted to repair it. Your tooth is then sealed and secured with a crown (cap) before continuing to perform normally, free of disease.

The most frequent question following the surgery is, “What can I eat?” Answer: “Only soft and cold foods are permitted!”

After my Root Canal treatment, which foods should I eat and drink?

Your mouth will remain numb for hours after receiving a root canal treatment. This is why you must be careful when eating so that you do not bite on anything that might cause discomfort or irritation.

Consider the following before eating anything after your root canal treatment.

  • The tooth on the opposite side should be treated.
  • Eat slowly to avoid indigestion.
  • Only eat soft foods that don’t need to be chewed as much.
  • Avoid hot foods, drinks like soups, coffee, etc

Root Canal

What Can You Eat After Root Canal Therapy?

  • Fruits include banana, mango, papaya, and peaches. Smoothies made with fruit are
  • Ice-creams, yogurt, milkshakes, etc. free from nuts.
  • Mashed vegetables like potatoes.
  • Oatmeal and soft cereals

You may eat oatmeal, smoothies, and yogurt right after surgery to help soothe the region of your mouth where the therapy was performed.

What Not to Consume After Root Canal Therapy

You’ll need to avoid flossing or biting your gums after receiving a root canal treatment. When your root canal therapy is finished, you must be careful not to irritate the area of your mouth that has been penetrated by the drill. You might promote breakage or damage to your tooth by eating incorrectly, which could lead to further problems.

After your root canal treatment, avoid the following foods and drinks:

  • Carrots and apples, for example, might irritate the tooth and cause discomfort.
  • Hard foods such as nuts
  • You should avoid chewing chewy foods that might remove the temporary filling, such as gum and candy.
  • Sensitivity may be caused by eating excessively hot food items, such as soup, coffee, or tea.
  • Alcohol, which would increase the bleeding.
  • Also, any other food that would cause discomfort or sensitivity.

Because of the high level of toxicity in fluoridated water, enamel is more susceptible to decay. However, if you continuously expose your teeth to fluoridated water, eventually there will be signs that they are decayed and need treatment. Because eating or drinking the wrong sort of food might aggravate the condition by causing even greater discomfort. IIf you have any questions about it, you can always contact your dentist. After all, they are the ones who can help you beam with happiness.

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