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About Urban Smiles Dental

Are you looking for an experienced dentist in Chicago that offers modern treatment options, a family-friendly practice and utilizes advanced technology? At Urban Smiles Dental we are dedicated to providing the best dental care possible for each of our patients. We offer a family-friendly dental practice that is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, offers only modern, safe and effective treatment options and has an experienced dental team. We recommend routine, preventive dental care at least twice a year for our patients. If you haven’t seen your dentist in the last 6 months, feel free to contact Wicker Park Dental today to schedule your next appointment.

Experienced Dentist

At Urban Smiles Dental, our Chicago dentist has years of experience, providing a wide range of treatment options to patients of all ages. Whether you are looking to schedule your little one’s first appointment or think Grandma needs a new set of dentures, our experienced dentist near you would be happy to help.

Advanced Technology

At Urban Smiles Dental office wicker park, we believe in providing the best care possible for our patients. In an effort to do so, we use only the latest, most advanced, state-of-the-art dental technology which allows us to provide safer, healthier and more effective diagnostics and treatment options.

Modern Treatment Options

Along with advanced technology, at Urban Smiles Dental, we offer only the latest, most modern treatment options. As dentistry advances, it is important to move with the times. From clear braces and tooth-colored fillings, Dentists in Wicker Park Chicago have the latest dental care options you deserve.

Family-Friendly Practice

Tired of visiting different dentists in wicker park for your family’s dental care? At Urban Smiles Dental, our practice is family-friendly, offering a variety of treatment options for patients of any age. From pediatric to geriatric dental care, we have you covered.

Visit Urban Smiles Dental in Chicago Today

When is the last time you visited your dentist for routine care? Contact Urban Smiles Dental in Chicago today, we are always welcoming new patients into our practice and would be happy to get you added to our schedule. We look forward to providing the exceptional dental care your family deserves.

Dr. Jin

Meet Dr. Jin

Dr. Maeng, an expert dentist from the University of Pennsylvania, specializes in advanced dental care, including Invisalign®️, at Urban Smiles Dental in Wicker Park. Passionate about dentistry and an active lifestyle, he's committed to providing exceptional smiles.

Dr. Jang

Dr. Jang

Dr. Jang, educated at the University of Illinois, excels in advanced, holistic dental care. Currently training at the Kois Center, she blends expertise with compassion. Outside the clinic, she enjoys cooking, swimming, and travel.

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